How much time does your staff actually spend preparing Annual Returns? How much time is wasted preparing audits for companies that should have availed of audit exemption? How much money is lost in late filing fees for your clients? OmniPro can ease the burden by keeping your clients Annual Compliance on track, maximising audit exemption opportunities, releasing your team to do what they do best by adding value to your clients and generating revenue for your practice.

How we can take the weight of compliance off your mind

  • We can replace the annual compliance function of your practice, freeing your team to provide other services.
  • We perform a detailed review of all your client companies to ensure they are all currently compliant with Companies Act 2014.
  • We upload all the information onto our Company Secretarial software system, which allows us to maintain and keep the registers electronically, whilst giving you 24 hour online access.
  • We provide monthly Annual Return Date Action Plans so that you can work with your staff and clients to ensure you never miss a deadline again.

We prepare your Annual Compliance documentation including:

  • Annual General Meeting Pack.
  • Section 40 Extraordinary General Meeting Pack.
  • B1 Annual Return.

What's in it for you?

  • Your staff are freed up for more profitable fee-earning tasks
  • No more unnecessary audits
  • No more chasing clients for signatures
  • No more late filing penalties
  • By using us and our software, you reduce training time and can make I.T. savings
  • You take the credit. If you wish, your clients need never know we exist

Why OmniPro?

We are much more than just an ordinary Company Secretarial Provider. Our entire business is built for Accountants. When you deal with our Company Secretarial Department you get the benefit of all our knowledge and expertise in running a progressive and profitable practice. We ensure that you and your practice stay ahead of the game.

To see how we can assist you with your Annual Compliance, please feel free to contact Anne Butler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on 053 9100000.