An efficient and expert Company Secretarial Department can be a lucrative revenue stream for a professional advisor's practice. It can deliver cost savings and enable you to provide existing services to your clients with added confidence, making it possible for you to develop additional services. In building your internal company secretarial department, you must develop the expertise and the systems to ensure that you, your clients and your filings are fully compliant with all aspects of company law. We can help you achieve this.

OmniPro's Corporate Consultants team have years of proven experience in:

  • Company Secretarial Department Set Up.
  • Reviewing an existing Company Secretarial Department and fine-tuning within the professional firms for compliance and increased profitability.
  • Training team members technically and practically to ensure that they are compliant and profitable.
  • Implementation of best practice and proven procedures to generate further process efficiencies.

Seven ways we can help you

  1. Company Secretarial Audit - all files, filings, minute books and registers.
  2. Preparation and review of standard minutes - AGM, EGM, director changes, allot or transfer shares.
  3. Company Secretarial Procedures Manual - detailed and pre-tested.
  4. Company Secretarial Fee Structure - advice on current market rates etc.
  5. Company Secretarial Training - files and filing, minute books and minutes preparation, Company Registers.
  6. Letters of Engagement - Sample letters of engagement, letters to Directors, and other time-consuming tasks.
  7. Ongoing Technical Queries and Support - including all aspects of Company Law.

Why OmniPro?

We adopt a tailored approach to suit each individual firm, listening closely to you to find out what you truly want and need whilst seeing the bigger picture from the practice perspective. Our team understands compliance and technical issues, and has a combination of strong technical, business development and people management skills. We understand that each practice operates differently, and we tailor our approach to suit the needs of the partners, the team and the clients. We will transform your department into the most efficient and cost-effective operation - "Guaranteed".

To find out more about setting up or fine-tuning your Company Secretarial Department, please feel free to contact Anne Butler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on 053 9100000.