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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance Services

At OmniPro, we have over a decade and a half experience advising accountants on their clients’ most significant corporate finance transactions. We know the value businesses are achieving in the marketplace, we understand the due diligence and disclosure/warranty issues that can trip others up, and we can advise the most suitable funding sources and associated tax implications.

Whether your client is buying or selling a business or embarking on a management buyout or buy-in, they will be looking to achieve value – and they will also want the deal to be executed efficiently.

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Business Valuation and Corporate Finance

Our work at the centre of business transactions gives us constant exposure to the prices companies are achieving in the marketplace, and our unique approach is based on four separate valuation techniques.

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Due Diligence

Our comprehensive due diligence review will uncover any latent liabilities or overstatements in assets and can also be used as a tool to negotiate on price.