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The Complete Audit Workshop 2018

Course Summary

8 hours live

€ 210

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  • 19
    09:15 - 17:30 Talbot Hotel - Stillorgan, Dublin
  • 21
    09:15 - 17:30 Virtual Event, Online

CPD Course Overview

8 hoursDes O’Neill – OmniPro

In January 2017, the Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority (IAASA) introduced a new auditing framework for statutory audits in Ireland, known as ISAs (Ireland). For many auditors, their first experience of the new framework will be on audits for 31 December 2017 year-ends

This workshop will focus on the practical implementation of the new auditing and associated ethical standards – from communications, planning and procedures right through to execution, reporting and opinion forming. 

Areas covered will include:

  • Applying the new integrated ethical standard and ISQC1 in accepting the audit
  • The overall planning process and your planning memorandum, including dealing with materiality and setting sample sizes
  • Implementing the key planning standards of ISA 240, ISA 315 and ISA 320
  • The responses to identified audit risks and documenting your audit work
  • Audit execution, including some of the common weaknesses of completeness of income, auditing management estimates, related parties and expenditure testing
  • Pulling the file together and financial reporting-related auditing issues
  • Going concern under the new auditing standards
  • The new format of audit report and opinion forming in the new regime

The emphasis will be on practical application, with lots of real-life examples and case studies, as well as time for discussion and questions and answers.  At the end of the day, delegates will take away a full hard-copy notes pack that will provide a vital reference guide to the implementation of the new IAASA audit standards for the year ahead.

Feedback from The Complete Audit Workshop 2017

“Des is an excellent speaker, with current examples – a fountain of knowledge.”
S. S., Dublin

“The seminar was very well delivered and very relevant to the practical side of auditing.”
J. McH., Carlow

The Complete Audit Workshop Virtual Event

  • Worried about the weather but still have a few hours CPD to complete?
  • Struggling to get out of the office but coming up short on your 2018 CPD requirements?
  • Completed your CPD for 2018 but want to stay ahead of the game in 2019?

If any of the above are true for you then our end of year Virtual Events are just the solution.

The Benefits of an OmniPro Virtual Event

Our virtual events combine all the best aspects of live events with the convenience of an online course.

What you get?

  • Multicamera video stream of the speaker
  • Live screen share of Presentation
  • Live annotation of supporting documents
  • Digital download of presentation and supporting documentation
  • Live Q&A
  • ***Ask the Technical Team***

All Your Questions Answered

Here is the best part – as normal you can ask Des questions during the event through the chat facility which he will respond to live. In addition, our unique hybrid virtual event format means that our entire technical team are on hand reviewing all the questions coming in and responding to the more detailed questions being posed.

Sometimes in live events, to keep the agenda on track certain questions need to be parked. Not with an OmniPro virtual event, we guarantee that all questions will be responded to. This is your opportunity to get all those awkward questions off your desk and gain access to the entire OmniPro technical team for a full day – all for the cost of your seat.

This could really be the future of CPD.

CPD Course Facilitator

Des O’Neill – Co-Founder and Managing Director, OmniPro

Having worked for a number of years in practice, Des O’Neill co-founded OmniPro to develop tools, techniques, products and services, empowering accountants to acHaving worked for a number of years in practice, Des O’Neill co-founded OmniPro to develop tools, techniques, products and services, empowering accountants to achieve their best. Over 15 years, he has grown the company to a multi-million-euro turnover business and established OmniPro as Ireland’s largest independent provider of CPD for accountants.

Des speaks regularly, at national and international fora, on practice development, auditing, accounting, company law and regulation. He is passionate about bringing innovation to the profession and empowering accountants to achieve what they want in their careers and practice.