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8 Hour Technical

The Essential Advisors’ Mix 2018

Course Summary

8 hours live

€ 250

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  • 18
    09:15 - 17:30 Crowne Plaza - Blanchardstown, Dublin
  • 20
    09:15 - 17:30 Virtual Event, Online

Course Details

8 hours Des O’Neill – OmniPro

Eight hours of high-relevancy, core CPD training, covering
financial reporting, regulation, company law and auditing.

CPD is a necessary evil for accountants. Every year you need to get your hours, so you can do your annual returns, keep up-to-dat,e and maintain your membership.

What if there was a CPD Course that was different?

  • A CPD course that gives you a real return on your time out of the office?
  • A CPD course that is relevant to you, your firm, your team and your clients and not a boring speaker droning on about theory that seldom applies to the real world of your firm?
  • A CPD course that blends all of the legislation and all of the regulatory requirements with the practical reality of your accountancy firm?
  • A CPD course focused on being both profitable and compliant in your firm?

There is a CPD Course that is different, and we call it The Essential Advisors’ Mix. We have been running this course every year for the last 15 years and every year it gets better and better.

A number of similar “essential updates” have sprung up in recent years but the OmniPro Essential Advisors’ Mix is the original and most popular multi-disciplinary round-up CPD course of the year for practising accountants, with thousands of accountants attending as we tour the country delivering our blended live and virtual event.

We don’t follow the market – we try and create it.

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Valuing Shares, Reorganisations and Other Capital Tax Issues

Delivered by John Murphy of OmniPro, this Tax session looks at the methodology for the valuation of companies incorporating tax complexities and some tax issues that arise in practice in relation to this area. It will also cover the reliefs available on creation of a group structure or the transfer out of a trade/undertaking and the pitfalls to avoid. In addition, it will touch on certain conditions in relation to certain capital tax reliefs that are sometimes missed.

This tax session will be be available for attendees of The Essential Advisors’ Mix 2018 to view as Online CPD after 14 December.

Session 1: Financial Reporting in 2019

  • Most Common Mistakes and Errors in FRS102 / S1.A FRS 102/ FRS 105
  • Consolidation Challenges under the New Company Group Thresholds
  • Rapid Financial Statements Review
  • New FRS 102 for 2019

Session 2: Current Issues Affecting the Profession

  • The Practical Implementation of PAYE Modernisation
  • Pricing for Profit in Your Firm
  • GDPR & Cyber Security for Accountancy Firms
  • Solicitors Reporting & Regulations
  • Incorporation and Regulatory Issues affecting Accounting Firms

Session 3: Company Law and Changes in 2019

  • Companies Statutory Audits Act 2018
  • New Audit Exemption Rules & Section 343 Impact
  • Building Co Sec Revenues in Your Firm
  • Anti-Money Laundering Update
  • The Big Issues in Company Law in 2019

Session 4: Audit & Regulatory Issues

  • Live Audit Opinion reviews
  • IAASA ISA Issues 12 Months on
  • Charity Audit Issues
  • Companies (SA) Act 2018 & Regulatory Impact on Auditors

When you register on the Essential Advisors’ Mix you get:

  • 8 Hours of Live CPD on the four core competency areas
    • Financial Reporting
    • Regulatory and Reporting Affecting the Profession
    • Company Law
    • Audit & Regulated Clients
  • 2 Bonus Hours of Critical Online Tax CPD
  • 10 Digital Bonuses – Templates and Checklists worth hundreds of Euro
  • A 600-page notes pack jam-packed with value and learning for you to take back to the office and apply
  • Insights, tips and strategies that you can apply in your accountancy firm to help you grow your profits’ while reducing your stress.

The Essential Advisors’ Mix is priced a €250 giving you the best value 10 Hour CPD Package in the market.

If you attend just one CPD course this year,  make it the Essential Advisors’ Mix.

Feedback from Previous Participants

“Excellent course, plenty of useful material delivered at a manageable pace. Great takeaways for future reference.”
C.G., Waterford

“Very informative and straight to the point.”
F.M., Kerry

Additional Bonuses

  • PAYE Modernisation templates, explanatory videos and Survey Results for Pricing Purposes

Attendance bonuses

  • Top 20 FRS Issues in 2018 Example Pack
  • Small Group Consolidation Case Study
  • GDPR Checklist & Team Training Module
  • Co Sec Revenue Building Bonus Module and Templates
  • Sample S.1A FRS 102 & FRS 105 template financial statements in a word version
  • Solicitors GDPR Compliant Letter of Engagement and Appendices in a word Version
  • 10 Pitfalls when Buying / Selling an Accountancy Practice
  • Late Filling and Customer Notification Letters in a word version

Templates, Documents and Checklists

  • Template Financial Statements S.1A FRS 102
  • Template FRS 105 Financial Statements
  • Consolidation Checklist
  • Accountants Privacy Notice
  • Accountants 6 Steps to GDPR Implementation Checklist
  • New FRS 102 2019 Differences Guide
  • Accountants Cyber Security Checklists and Templates
  • Sample Audit Opinions

The Essential Advisors’ Mix Virtual Event

  • Worried about the weather but still have a few hours CPD to complete?
  • Struggling to get out of the office but coming up short on your 2018 CPD requirements?
  • Completed your CPD for 2018 but want to stay ahead of the game in 2019?

If any of the above are true for you then our end of year Virtual Events are just the solution.

The Benefits of an OmniPro Virtual Event

Our virtual events combine all the best aspects of live events with the convenience of an online course.

What you get?

  • Multicamera video stream of the speaker
  • Live screen share of Presentation
  • Live annotation of supporting documents
  • Digital download of presentation and supporting documentation
  • Live Q&A
  • ***Ask the Technical Team***

All Your Questions Answered

Here is the best part. As normal you can ask Des questions during the event through the chat facility which he will respond to live. In addition, our unique hybrid virtual event format means that our entire technical team are on hand reviewing all the questions coming in and responding to the more detailed questions being posed.

Sometimes in live events, to keep the agenda on track certain questions need to be parked. Not with an OmniPro virtual event, we guarantee that all questions will be responded to. This is your opportunity to get all those awkward questions off your desk and gain access to the entire OmniPro technical team for a full day all for the cost of your seat.

This could really be the future of CPD.

CPD Speaker

Des O’Neill – Co-Founder and Managing Director, OmniPro

Des co-founded OmniPro in 2004 and has been involved in all aspects of the company’s establishment and growth to its current status as the leading independent support to Irish Accountants. He speaks extensively to accountants about Practice Development, Auditing, Accounting, Company Law and Regulation, nationally and internationally. He is a former member of the Auditing Practices Board SME Audit Sub Committee. Des works with Irish and international practices to help them develop their practices to be more profitable and rewarding and also assists them with technical, regulatory and disciplinary issues. His current role within the OmniPro Group include Managing Director at OmniPro and developer and innovator for the Accountants Resource Centre,,, Knowledge Hub, The Accountants GDPR Toolkit, ProfitPro He is a regular contributor to the profession through a combination of seminars, publications, articles, tools and new processes and ways of solving problems that face the profession.

Des’s delivery style is fast paced and practical as he drives at the heart of the issues affecting the Irish Accountancy Profession and more importantly the issues affecting Irish Accountancy firm owners