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FRS 102 Bootcamp Company Law Bootcamp 

Sometimes it is not always easy to get out of the office for a full-day CPD Course. There's juggling the constant barrage of deadlines and client meetings, then there is the travel and traffic and the overflowing inbox when you get back to the office the next day.

Online CPD is certainly a more convenient option; taking courses at your own time with the ability to view it wherever you want. Our Online CPD fan-base is growing rapidly, and yet there are some of you who are not fully happy doing all your CPD Online. 

Accountants regularly tell us that they love our live events - highly relevant and practical content and the interaction with your peers and the facilitator on the day. It seems that it is the interaction piece that many of you miss from your online CPD experience. 

So what if there was a better way?

We have developed a Webevent delivery platform so that it is not just your normal screencast webinar that so many others are using. Our webevents are fully interactive with the opportunity to ask questions throughout, and a dedicated Q&A session at the end of each webevent. We stream multiple feeds including video of the speaker, PowerPoint slides, live review, and on screen annotation of material as well as the Q&As. Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention in webinars when you are just looking at slides on a screen. Not with OmniPro Webevents; they really are the next best thing to being in the classroom.

We have developed a 30-Part Webevent Series of value-packed one-hour events, which will allow you complete all of your CPD while sitting at your desk. You will be able to integrate your CPD into your working day without any travel or substantial interruption to your day.

It is not just about the CPD though. For us it is about the value, the knowledge and the solutions to the problems you face in your business. We have created a line up of events that covers:

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Audit & Accounting

  • Business & Practice Management

  • Company Law

  • Financial Reporting

  • Insolvency

  • Law & Regulation

  • Taxation

We will cover all the must-know issues and allow you get a full blend of CPD that will satisfy both your wants and needs

Will this work for you?

Our experience is that accountants like this stuff. We ran an impromptu test webinar earlier this year and had almost 600 accountants turn up for it. We usually get good feeback from our seminar attendees but that event was unusual. We were overwhelmed by the positive response from the attendees and the number of emails we got in the hours and days following it - accountants just saying thank you, and telling us that they really enjoyed the webinar, and the benefits and value they got from the content and format.

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FRS 102 Bootcamp Company Law Bootcamp 

What’s the cost?

The good news is that as well as being easier to attend, webevents are fantastic value too. At just €38 per 1 hour webevent they are priced to accomodate even the most cost sensitive CPD shopper. In addition, we have developed a number of Webevent Bundle offers which will significantly reduce your hourly rate.

  • Single Webevent Ticket              €38
  • 6 Webevent Bundle                   €199
  • 12 Webevent Bundle                 €299
  • 20 Webevent Bundle                 €439

If there are multiple accountants in your firm we also have a multi-booker discount.

If our webinars or webinar series is for you, Aideen and Jackie are waiting in the office to take your booking and will get everything arranged for you. Don’t worry if there is the odd session that you miss because of other commitments.  We will capture them all for you so you can access them at any time during the year through