We are proud to be part of the B1G1 Business For Good Programme.

Contribution is a core value that we treasure.

We believe that Business has the power and responsibility to make a difference in the world.  Now, through B1G1, together  we can work to change the lives of others for the better.

When you support OmniPro we will, on your behalf, make a donation through B1G1 to a specificed project. We will be changing our projects on a regular basis so keep an eye on this page to keep up to date. 

The projects that we are currently supporting are as follows:-

Your Support

Your Giving Impact

Attend a CPD Course

Give a person access to clean water for a day

Incorporate a Company

Feed a person for a day

Complete a Co. Sec Transaction
(per €500 spent)

Educate a child for a week

Engage us for a Techncial or Practice Management Assignment
(per €1,000 spend)

Educate a child for a month