We help accountants and their practices achieve their full potential. We work with accountants to enhance their business efficiency, profitability, work / life balance and team effectiveness. We assess your practice, benchmarking it against best practice, while looking closely at how you operate and listening to what you want and need. From there we tailor a programme that will help you achieve the results you really want and deserve.

We see success as a process rather than a one off event and we will aid you in implementing the ideas that you already have through a combination of facilitation, coaching and consultancy. We will work alongside you to fully realise your aspirations, adding some new ones to the equation and ultimately building a practice that works for you, your team and your clients.

Our practice management and practice development programmes help accountants:

  • Improve cashflows
  • Increase partner chargeable hours
  • Attain market leading recovery rates
  • Achieve deserved profitability
  • Improve customer service and the quality of client care
  • Shorten Lock up periods
  • Reduce turnaround times on audit and accounts preparation

We work with teams and partners and particularly focus on helping partners de-stress from the psychological and physical stress that so many accountants find themselves under in today's environment and economic climate. When you need us we are there for you.

Our products and services include:

  • Practice Management Advisory
  • Strategic Planning for Accountants- Survival, Consolidation or Growth
  • Practice Growth & Practice Development Packages
  • Non-Executive Partnering
  • Efficiency & Profitability Audits
  • Practice Development Services
  • Accounting for Time
  • Practice Leadership Coaching
  • CA - the Caring Accountant
  • Accounting for Results
  • Passed Tension Programme for Partners