OmniPro has worked with hundreds of Irish firms, reviewed thousands of files and have been involved in hundreds of successful Institute compliance and monitoring visits in recent years. We have an intimate knowledge of the Institutes monitoring processes and approach but we also appreciate and understand the challenges that Irish accountants and their practices face in applying auditing standards and regulations to Irish SMEs.

We work with ACAs, ACCAs and CPAs to produce not only compliant files that will get them through a monitoring visit but to also produce audit files that come in within budget giving you a profit.

From time to time most accountants need someone on their side to help guide them through the difficult regulatory and compliance regime that we operate in. The Institutes all provide excellent support services to their members but sometimes you may want someone supporting you that fully understand you, your practice and the challenges you face day-to-day.

OmniPro also understands the world is not black and white and our technical support will enable you to explore the grey areas that exist in the real world while ensuring you comply with rules and regulations.

Our audit in sourcing, audit outsourcing and independent audit services will facilitate you with handling the day-to-day challenges of auditing in the current climate. There is no audit file too hot to handle and we can help you in a range of ways to create complaint files and form opinions that will stand up.

Our Technical Services Include

  • Cold File Reviews
  • Hot File Reviews
  • Annual Compliance Reviews - ACR
  • Investment Business Reviews - IB
  • Technical Query Service
  • Pre-Monitoring Visits
  • Investment Business Review
  • Audit Outsourcing