At just €251, including VAT, CRO fees and next day courier, our Company Formation service provides exceptional value for money. Our comprehensive New Company Pack, coupled with our friendly, engaging and efficient customer focused service, has made OmniPro the No. 1 Formation Agent of choice for Accountants.

While our value for money and quality of service speaks for itself we really appreciate those who choose to place their business with OmniPro. No matter how big or small a client you are we truly value our relationship with you.

Now, in order to show you just how much we value that relationship, we are delighted to launch The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club.

For every 5 companies you incorporate in a calendar year we will reward you with vouchers that are redeemable against our Public & Online CPD Courses. The more you incorporate the greater the reward.

The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club

The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club – Reward Levels

Frequent Formers Level Number of Incorporations Voucher Amount
1 5 €100
2 10 €150
3 15 €200


With each level hit a voucher will be automatically issued, which can be redeemed immediately against our Public or Online CPD schedule. When you hit the next and subsequent levels further vouchers will be issued.

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The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club – Launch Bonus

Existing Clients 

We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible. To acknowledge the work that you have done with us to date we will credit your Frequent Formers Account with the number of companies incorporated by your Practice since the start of 2014 to a maximum of 3. This means that for many of our clients you can hit Level 1 and receive your first voucher for €100 after just 2 more incorporations.

New & Returning Clients

If you have not incorporated companies with us to date or have not worked with us during 2013 after the incorporation of your first 5 companies you will receive an additional €100 voucher as a “Welcome to OmniPro” gift.

Quick Movers Bonus The first 100 sign ups to The Frequent Formers Club will receive a further €50 voucher on incorporation of their 5th company.


Sign Up For The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club

The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club – Operation

Once registered for The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club you won’t have to lift a finger to gain the benefits of the club. Simply continue to send your New Company Order Forms into us.

On a monthly basis we will calculate the number of incorporations completed by your practice. You will be automatically notified by email each time you hit a new level and the appropriate credit will be applied to your account. You will then be in a position to browse our Public and Online course schedule and redeem your voucher.

Signing up for The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club is quick and simple. Don’t worry, signing up for the club does not commit you or your Practice to any course of action. You are just letting us know that you would like to be included in the Club and receive awesome free CPD!

The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club


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Submission of this form indicates agreement with the terms and conditions of the OmniPro Frequent Formers Club listed below.

1. Only pre-registered members are entitled to avail of benefits from The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club.

2. A Formation will be counted as complete when the Company Pack has been issued and the invoice settled in full.

3. The Frequent Formers Club runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December each year. At the 31st of December each year your Incorporation balance will be reset to 0.

4. The OmniPro Frequent Formers Club cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.

5. CPD Vouchers are only valid for the year in which they are issued.

6. CPD Vouchers carry no monetary value and cannot be redeemed against any other OmniPro service.