Business Advisory on Tax and Legal Affairs

When it comes to your client’s tax and legal affairs such as business restructuring, reorganisation, cash extraction or planned exit requirements, OmniPro’s expertise in company law, accountancy and tax means that we can advise you on the most appropriate mechanism to achieve the desired objective and help you arrive at a solution that minimises your client’s tax liabilities, while maximising available reliefs. Moreover, you can be confident that the process will be executed correctly and efficiently in compliance with company law, without unintended consequences or liabilities for the business.

With OmniPro’s assistance you can rest assured that all your business’ tax and legal requirements are in order. Get in touch with our team of accounting experts today so we can discuss your specific circumstances and come up with an optimal solution that suits your particular business case.

Company Restructuring

Most business owners are not too concerned about company restructuring at the start-up stage. They just want to get up and running and will, typically, form a single limited company, possibly after commencing as a sole trader or partnership. As activities expand and the needs of the business become more complex, this structure may no longer be sufficient or appropriate for the needs of the business.

Cash Extraction / Succession Planning

Many successful business owners spend years building a business that they are rightfully proud of and, in doing so, they accumulate significant value in the business and cash extraction becomes a concern. The question often arises as to how best they can extract this value for their own personal enjoyment.

Summary Approval Procedure

Introduced as a new tool with the Companies Act 2014, the Summary Approval Procedure (SAP) allows companies to carry out certain procedures that would otherwise be restricted under company law. Many of these restricted activities will arise over the lifetime of a company, so it is a vital tool for advisors to have in their repertoire.

Share For Share / Undertaking

The exchange involves the disposal of shares in one company and the acquisition of such in another. There are many scenarios where such an exchange may be the appropriate course of action for your client. This may include the acquisition of a new business, to facilitate a group reorganisation or the creation of a group.

Share Buyback and Share Redemption

A share buyback or redeem of shares is often the most logical step for companies faced with having a shareholder who would like to relinquish their shareholding but may not want to sell their shares on the open market. Examples of where this might happen include: