Our company secretarial can help with the routine…and the complex

At one of the end spectrum, company secretarial work such as formations and annual compliance can be routine and repetitive. While at the other end, corporate law projects involving share transactions, company re-registrations and constitutions are highly complex and typically require bespoke solutions.

At OmniPro, our team of chartered company secretaries and chartered accountants covers the breath of these engagements. We know the Companies Acts inside out, understand the allied tax implications and can provide you with appropriately briefed and experienced corporate legal representation where required.


Avoid getting bogged down in detail-orientated form filling by outsourcing your company formations to us.

Outsourced Company Secretarial​

Providing company secretarial services to your clients goes beyond simply filing CRO forms. It requires dedicated time, effort and attention to detail, from maintaining Statutory Books and Registers to organising general meetings.

Company Law Training

If you are finding it hard to keep pace with the sheer volume of changes to company law over the last couple of years, you’re not alone – OmniPro’s company law training is here for you. The Companies Act 2014 has introduced a completely altered landscape for accountants, directors and company secretaries to navigate, and there have been further amendments with the Companies (Accounting) Act 2017.

Tax And Legal

When it comes to your client’s tax and legal affairs such as business restructuring, reorganisation, cash extraction or planned exit requirements, OmniPro’s expertise in company law, accountancy and tax means that we can advise you on the most appropriate mechanism to achieve the desired objective and help you arrive at a solution that minimises your client’s tax liabilities, while maximising available reliefs.