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What are the advantages of putting shareholders agreements in place?

Welcome to Query Of The Week

Welcome to this week’s Query Of The Week. Each week our technical team respond to a huge number of client queries and in this segment, we share with you the most common questions that keep coming up time and time again.

In this week’s Query Of The Week, John Murphy discusses the advantages or putting shareholders agreements in place as well as other popular questions which come into the team in relation to shareholders agreements.

Shareholders’ Agreements

If this Query Of The Week was of interest to you, you will also be interested in our Shareholders’ Agreements online CPD course.

Full details can be found below:

CPD Allocation 1 Hour
Fee €25 (or 1 CPD Club point)
Presenter John Murphy – OmniPro
Category Tax

Query Of The Week – Video Transcript

(Please note that this is a direct unedited transcript of the spoken word as recorded on the video)