Des O'Neill - CEO

Des O'Neill used his experience as an accountant in practice to found the OmniPro group.

Their mission is to make the work of accountants in practice more fulfilling and profitable, and they do this by bringing Des' insider knowledge of the world of accounting.

Our belief is that when empowered to achieve their best, accountants can deliver transformative results for their clients.

Yet, as accountants, their training, aptitude, insights, experience and, above all, relationships with clients, uniquely position them to look to the future – to advise on what should happen next month and next year to drive the growth and development of the business.

We believe that when truly empowered to do this, the accountant’s impact can be transformative – for clients and companies, but also beyond – to employees, communities and everyone the business touches.

In essence, it is a business built by accountants for accountants.

Des O'Neill

Managing Director

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Caroline Fry


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John Murphy

Director of OmniPro Tax & Legal

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Martin Peters

Chief Technical Officer

Kevin Keating

Head of CPD

Laura Kelly

Head of Company Formations

Jonathan Reynolds

Head of Marketing

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Sinead Gortland

Head of OmniPro Company Secretarial

Lisa Cosgrave

Technical Advisor

Elaine Jackson

Practice Support Executive

Lindsay Webber

Practice Support Executive

Colm Owens

Practice Support Executive

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