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Our Why

Do you remember why you became an accountant?


For me, it was about wanting to make a difference. As an accountant, I believed that I could make my mark on the world by helping my clients build successful, rewarding companies.

But I soon realised that much of an accountant’s time is spent on compliance, and the emphasis is most often on what happened in the business in the past – last month, or last year.

Yet, as accountants, our training, aptitude, insights, experience and, above all, relationships with clients, uniquely position us to look to the future – to advise on what should happen next month and next year to drive the growth and development of the business.

We believe that when truly empowered to do this, the accountant’s impact can be transformative – for clients and companies, but also beyond – to employees, communities and everyone the business touches.

That’s why we created OmniPro. Our vision is to empower accountants.


Simply put, OmniPro has developed a suite of products, services and advisory solutions that enable accountants to focus on the work they find most rewarding and to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

What OmniPro Offers Accountants

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A support service to answer your technical accounting queries

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Company law, tax & legal and corporate finance advisory for complex projects

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Advice on institute and regulatory compliance

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Someone on your side when facing complaints or disciplinary procedures

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Online toolkits for transitioning to new standards and regulations and for standardising repetitive work

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Outsourced solutions for routine items of work flow

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A range of CPD solutions designed with Irish accountants in mind, delivered in the format that suits you, on topics that will boost personal performances and practice bottom-line

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A novel and proven approach to practice management, designed to help you build a business centred on your professional and life goals