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Accountants' Defence

Facing a Complaint, Claim, Disciplinary Procedure or ODCE Investigation? Our Accountants' Defence Service is Designed to Help You if so.

You may need accountants' defence if Has a client has made a complaint about you or threatened to make a claim against your professional indemnity insurance, if you are facing a disciplinary procedure from your institute or a query from the ODCE.

This can be a lonely and isolating situation for any accountant to find themselves in, with the professional body you normally turn to in times of difficulty being the last place you feel you can look to for support.

For most practitioners, it is a case of heading into the unknown. However, ignoring the problem or acting without the right advice is likely to only compound your situation. Unless handled correctly, your reputation, your career and, indeed, your livelihood, could be at risk.

During this worrying time, you can turn to OmniPro Practice Support. Our Accountants' Defence team have helped many practitioners and firms in similar situations

Contact us now on 053-9100000 to discuss your situation in confidence, so we can help.

How Does Accountants’ Defence Work

We can mediate to help prevent client grievances from escalating, and we can advise on your approach and communications with insurers.

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Through our detailed understanding of the professional standards for accountants and how they are governed through specialist law and extensive regulations across institutes and enforcement bodies, we can help you formulate an effective response to investigations.

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Our team is led by accountants who have previously worked with the institute’s own review and disciplinary teams, so we understand the processes from the inside out. If you have to appear before a regulatory, disciplinary or appeal committees, we can provide you with legal representation from our specialist barrister, who is a leader in this area.

We will approach the situation from your side, with your best interests central to our concerns. That's how accountants' defence works.

The Cost of Failing to Act

If you find yourself facing a complaint, claim or a referral to a disciplinary committee, don’t put your head in the sand or try to resolve the situation yourself.

The cost to a firm of time lost and penalties incurred can start anywhere from €10,000 upwards. Our team can help you formulate a response to achieve the best outcome, minimising potential damage.

Our Step-by-Step Approach Towards Accountants’ Defence

Our approach is to work closely with you on a consistent basis.

If a client makes a complaint to you, we can

  • Advise you, aiming to mediate, before a complaint is made to your professional body
  • Assess the correspondence from the complainant and, where relevant, your institute
  • Correspond with the regulating institute, where appropriate
  • Provide guidance on possible sanctions or outcomes
  • Assist in the preparation of your response
  • Advise on the ramifications of accepting a consent order or a committee finding

If there is a claim against your PI, we can

  • Deal with your insurers to help protect your best interests

If you are facing a disciplinary hearing or tribunal, we can

  • Help with interpreting the rules and regulations of your regulating institute
  • Advise on possible sanctions and outcomes
  • Assist with an action plan where remedial action is required
  • Prepare information and guidance for your own legal advisers
  • Provide legal representation before regulatory, disciplinary and appeal committees
  • Engage an expert to give evidence, if required
  • Provide representation by experienced counsel, where a disciplinary case is defended

If you have received a query from the ODCE, we can

  • Review the documentation and correspondence from the ODCE and the underlying file evidence
  • Help you assess the cause of the issue and consider likely courses of action and options
  • Assist you in preparing your response to the ODCE

Contact us now on 053-9100000 to discuss your situation in confidence, so we can help with our accountants' defence service.

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