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Practice Support

In-House, Onsite Training

Building Your Team’s Capabilities Through In-House Training

Why you may need an in-house training? We understand that every accountant and principal in your practice needs to complete a set number of CPD hours every year – particularly if they are operating in a specialist area. Simply put, if they don’t, they are at risk of losing their accreditation – and your practice is at risk of running afoul of regulations.

But that’s no reason for CPD to become simply a box-ticking exercise, a rush to the finish line on 31 December, or the tedium of having to sit through hours of boring, theoretical presentation by speakers who have no real insight into the challenges you face in practice.

At OmniPro, we understand that your team wants to stay ahead of the game and perform to its best. But working in an area of continually changing standards and legislation, it can be difficult for existing staff to stay abreast and for new hires to get fully up to speed. We are also very aware of the full workloads and time pressures you face.

As the partner responsible for approving training budgets, you want to get real value for your money and your staff’s time by investing only in CPD that genuinely contributes to your team’s effectiveness and your practice’s bottom line.

Delivering high-impact, cost-effective training, directly relevant to Irish practices, we are Ireland’s largest independent CPD provider for accountants

For more information and to discuss your training needs, email us or call us today on 053-9100000. We look forward to working with your practice.

How We Can Help

OmniPro training, delivered onsite at your practice, eliminates the time and money wasted travelling to external training venues.

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By focusing on the individual needs of the practice, we can deliver highly practical and targeted sessions. You define the agenda and pace.

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Because the sessions take place in a closed, in-practice environment, your team can feel comfortable asking questions and raising issues specifically relevant to your firm and clients.

Countless practices find onsite training a great way to build teams and ensure everyone is operating from a consistently high knowledge base, while maximising value for money and return for the practice.

OmniPro In-House Training Topics

All our in-house training is tailored to meet the needs of the individual practice. However, the following are themes commonly requested by clients.


  • Audit
  • Financial Reporting
  • Company Law
  • Insolvency
  • Taxation
  • Investment Business
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Institute Regulation

Practice Management

  • Strategic Development
  • Practice Efficiency
  • Practice Profitable
  • Practice Marketing
  • Practice Growth

Personal Development

  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Sales Skills
  • Management & Leadership Skills
  • Presentation Skills

Our in-house training sessions start at €1,400 plus VAT for a full day’s onsite tailored training.

The OmniPro In-House Training Advantage

We have invested heavily in people, knowledge and technology to become Ireland’s largest independent CPD provider for accountants. Our brand is based on providing high-quality, cost-effective education and training, directly relevant to Irish practices, designed to have a real impact on know-how and performance.

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Our team of accountants spend thousands of hours getting to grips with new company law and new financial reporting and auditing standards as well as changing emphasis by Revenue and the regulatory institutes, so we can provide you with highly relevant and actionable technical training, illustrated with practical interpretations and real-life examples.

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Having worked with hundreds of Irish practices, we understand the key factors that differentiate the best and most profitable operations, so that our practice management and personal development training can help unlock the organisational and personal behaviours that motivate your team in achieving professional excellence.

The support and reference documentation we supply your team with at the end of a session is unrivalled in quality by any other education provider on the market.

For more information and to discuss your in-house training needs, email us or call us today on 053-9100000. We look forward to working with your practice.

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