In-House, Remote Training

We understand that an accountant’s job is complex and demanding, and their training should reflect that. That’s why we specialise in providing comprehensive, tailored in-house accountant training programs. Our goal? To enhance your team’s skills and efficiency.

No two accounting practices are exactly alike. Recognising this, we’ve crafted our training programs with versatility in mind, exceeding not just meeting your expectations. Our approach is unique – We don’t just provide training; we transform accounting practices. The result? A more efficient, profitable, and scalable accounting team for you.

Our advanced In-house Training is truly holistic, making OmniPro a supportive partner for accounting firms across Ireland. Above all, we are a reliable, knowledgeable team, constantly forecasting industry shifts and staying ahead of trends. The tangible training we offer aims for immediate implementation, blending real-world examples with practical advice.

We’re not just about teaching facts; we ignite interactive, immersive learning experiences targeting critical areas of professional development. We go beyond the typical curriculum, making in-house learning relevant to your team and business goals.

At OmniPro, we believe that training should be more than just checking off boxes—it should be about adapting to your unique practice needs and preparing your team for high performance. With our well-structured courses, your team will stay updated with industry-best standards and lead in terms of accounting proficiency.

With us as your training partner, exceeding standards is the norm. Be it technical training, such as audit, company law, financial reporting or simply ensuring practice efficiency—we offer the best in Irish in-house training. Our commitment is simple: to help your team achieve levels of professional excellence.

To discuss your training needs, please complete the form and one of the team will be in contact with you. 

How we can help

By focusing on the individual needs of the practice, we can deliver highly practical and targeted sessions. You define the agenda and pace.

Because the sessions take place in a closed environment, your team can feel comfortable asking questions and raising issues specifically relevant to your firm and clients.

Countless practices find in-house remote training a great way to build teams and ensure everyone is operating from a consistently high knowledge base, while maximising value for money and return for the practice.

OmniPro In-House Training Topics

All our in-house training is tailored to meet the needs of the individual practice. However, the following are themes commonly requested by clients.


Our in-house training sessions start at €1,250 plus VAT for a half day tailored training.

The OmniPro In-House Training Advantage

We have invested heavily in people, knowledge and technology to become Ireland’s largest independent CPD provider for accountants. Our brand is based on providing high-quality, cost-effective education and training, directly relevant to Irish practices, designed to have a real impact on know-how and performance.


Our team of accountants spend thousands of hours getting to grips with new company law and new financial reporting and auditing standards as well as changing emphasis by Revenue and the regulatory institutes, so we can provide you with highly relevant and actionable technical training, illustrated with practical interpretations and real-life examples.


Having worked with hundreds of Irish practices, we understand the key factors that differentiate the best and most profitable operations, so that our practice management and personal development training can help unlock the organisational and personal behaviours that motivate your team in achieving professional excellence.

To discuss your training needs, please complete the form and one of the team will be in contact with you.